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Tessitura Florida was born in 1988 in Carpi (Modena), an area that owes its fame to the several textile entreprises scattered all over it.
The company is managed by young managers and has a very slim structure and uses advanced managing methods, all of them aiming at technological and data processing innovation, at the continuous improvement of quality and product control standards and, last but not least, of customer service.




Tessitura Florida has been involved in the development of biological textiles since 2003; after taking part to some research and development projects in partnership with other supply-chain companies, in 2005 it obtained the ICEA/AIAB certification and is therefore able to produce certified biological textiles. It co-operates with other companies of the sector, these also being certified for the production of biological textiles, external knitwear weaving companies and finishing/dyeing companies, in order to offer customers a highly qualified and specialized integrated service via a wholly certified supply chain.
Since 2005 it has also been involved along with other companies of the textile chain in a R&D project for the creation of innovative processes for the production of HYPOALLERGENIC yarns used in making knitwear, fabrics and garments that can be worn by people who suffer for contact dermatitis.
This project was developed for human tests in co-operation with the Dermatology Clinic of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, which certified the hypoallergenicity of the tested products.
Tessitura Florida srl and other local production plants gave life in 2005 to “V.I.S. Vestire in Salute”, a research consortium on fabrics whose aim is the development of sustainable and eco-friendly projects on human health.

Tessitura Florida